Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of series

In singapore, I have been streaming non stop SUPERNATURAL season 4... I know i m kinda slow,but streaming is much faster than downloading...hahaha it ends up the whole season4 is like 1 brother being a devil and the other being an wat gayness, LUCIFER has risen o.0 ,apprantly he was an angel... wheres hades,god of the its juz a show,if its real hurry up and buy salt and make a circle around urself =P

Besides that, I was still soo dam free so i decided to finish up season 4 of Prison Break...and i have to salute Micheal Scofield... the dude single handed-ly out smart dapao breaking out of 2 prison,1 super duper high vault, break out his wife in the end and dieing in the process ( so touching =( ), and being on the run...hahaha terlalu gila smart liao...einstein also lose lor... Well thats the end of the whole series....but season 1 is and always will be the best,agree ?

Hahaha every seems to think studying in SG is like so hectic and so on..maybe so later on bt for now its like relax and online time every day..hahahaha, soo what series next??? Have to finish up One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl first....hehe

XOXO !!! lol

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Past Week

Firstly, WTF LEBRON 

Besides that,well i joined SPRC - Rock climbing...and dam its interesting...haha learned a few basic,tried a few routes and hopefuly i get better in it =)sort of skipped the last night and came back to sleep ( it beats sleeping on the mat or stg ) haha so tmr morning head back juz in time for breakfast =P hehehe

Past Week

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well,this week has been rather a more interesting week with the CCA's starting and so on... So on tuesday,i decided to attend CF, and thankfully i had a great time over there...met some warm friendly ppl as well as made some new friends... CF is nice since the way its conducted its rather same as back at home,the songs they sing and so on.... It been sometime since i actualy sang a song that i am familiar with... well,i wanted to buy a tshirt,but the design i wanted was out of stock... FAITH FACTOR 0.o I had to walk back at night after it, kinda cool walking back at night,alone =( lol...

Wednesday,i tried my best to find time and play some bball in poly...dam i suck,seriously like no feel liao..OMG,how lah wan go for trial out next monday... well it seems in SG,everyone is a sharp shooter...juz shoot and their chance of entering is higher than missing..LOL,well played with a frend i met during international least i still won =)

Today was a whole new experience as well...since i decided to join freesbie ultimate...the first day was today...from 5-9pm,hahaha 4 bloody long well my throwing still aint nice and perfect...but slowly and surely i have to get the hang of it...and u know wat,the game  as in the actualy freesbie game thingy,...its dam TIRING!!! 7 ppl running around a field more or less same size as a football pitch..hahahaha chasing a well i juz came bak and i got to sleep early....have class tmr =(

I also juz found out that since my class is 1B23,the b actualy represent a more pack scheldule and if i was in class A,i will have a dam relax and easy well next sem will be a much more joyfull 1 =) hehehe

Manchester United is and will be the EPL Champs ,beating  Arsenal tis weekend.. EUROPEAN KINGS beating Barcelona sometime in the future... plus,Carmelo Anthony is on fire wei,screw Lebron,Carmelo is the one...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

1 month in.. Is it worth It?

Time flies,it has been 4 week since i left Malaysia and came to Singapore to study.... There has always been time that I felt lonely and wonder if is it ever worth it??? Giving up the comforts at home and studying abroad,even if its just next door to malaysia...

Being away from my family,my home,my close group of friends really sucks some times i guess =(  It may seem to be a nice experience studying here,much more proper good education system and there nothing wrong over here but missing my brothers 21st bday celebration, mothers day, friends birthday and so on,kinda make it suck over here....especially when i aint occuipied with activity or work or stg....

Well, life must go on and i have to look to the positive side of things ritee,few weeks time and i will be back =) cant wait to see every one once again... I Miss Every1 in Malaysia ! !

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yesterday Today & Tomorrow , these 3 days there is an ongoing event by all the Clubs in SP show casing their clubs promoting and recruiting freshmen students...

Since everyone are more or less suppose to join at least 1 CCA, i also decided to go check out the various different club there is... Well there were a few that really caught my attention

1) Basketball -( there can only be 1 ) well sadly to say there is no CCA for bball,only the school team( which from wat i heared is dam good o.0) haha well have to try my best during the try 2 weeks from now...How awesome if i were to get tat =)

2)Rockclimbing - Kinda cool new sport which i am interested in...Since Malaysia dont really have much of tis,and here in SP is like so many walls everywhere...soo i more or less put my name in and register for it...

3)Christian Fellowship or SP Crusaders - Am planing to join at least 1 christian society,CF well its more on fellowship and Crusaders is like more on evangalical..any opinions which i should join??? CF more the chill relax fellowship 1,hahahaha...

4) Ultimate Freesbie - Another game which i think will be a nice new experience..only palyed it once during EFCM camp,the LIFE well quite cool i guess and there is no trials out which is kinda every1 can enter...weeeeeee....well top 20 palyers will represent go can i be tat good???i hope so

well these are the four i sign up for....most probably only taking up 3...soo hopefully everything goes well =)

I managed to wash my cloths today..thank goodness the landlord allow us to seperate wash rather than be BUDGET and save on water n electric..TQ very much

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alive and Kicking

Been afew days since i have been online..mostly have been busy moving in to my new place,spending some time with my parents as well as being sick ( swine flu aka H1N1 flu ) lol

Well more about my new place,currently i m sharing a room with a frend of mine,Gaj....wesley dude whom i was introduce by my MCKL frend Chang Hui...hahaha well everythings been good, landlord has been extremely kind as well, Thank God for tat...He not only followed us to buy a table,he helped fix my chair ( which i gave up trying ), drill in some holes for hangers, took out 1 big wooden cupboard which her wife refuse to do and help pull a line for our internet...soo many things...huhu Uncle Joe is the name =)

The room is getting better n better...wait till my table comes tmr and will be almost perfect =) juz left the washing of cloths...haihz,aint liking the idea of hanging my cloths 11 stories high...haha well SG culture to safe space =p cant do much and hope nothing go flying...

well thats mostly it...ciaoz =0

Friday, May 1, 2009

DAY 20

Tomorrow will mark my 3 weeks stay in SG but as for today its been a good jolly wholesome day =)

Both my parents are down in SG for the weekend, mostly to help me move in to my new room over at Clementi...they brought down stuff that i need,more importantly my lappy cooler =P , now i can online even longer than

Well sinces it labour day,i too get a day off...being a STUDENT can be considered an occupation,hehehe... soo i woke up late and just lepak the whole day....parents arrived around lunch time,had some lunch nearby,din do much really..mostly juz chilling

Well, SWINE FLU is getting mroe more serious...up to the point where every day in school we have to do a temperature check up...must bring our own dam kia si =P malaysian all die hard,dun even bother ( true rite =P ) hehehe well good 4 me lah,decrease my chances of being affected by the flu..

Having sore throat now, could it be??? lol..