Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yesterday Today & Tomorrow , these 3 days there is an ongoing event by all the Clubs in SP show casing their clubs promoting and recruiting freshmen students...

Since everyone are more or less suppose to join at least 1 CCA, i also decided to go check out the various different club there is... Well there were a few that really caught my attention

1) Basketball -( there can only be 1 ) well sadly to say there is no CCA for bball,only the school team( which from wat i heared is dam good o.0) haha well have to try my best during the try 2 weeks from now...How awesome if i were to get tat =)

2)Rockclimbing - Kinda cool new sport which i am interested in...Since Malaysia dont really have much of tis,and here in SP is like so many walls everywhere...soo i more or less put my name in and register for it...

3)Christian Fellowship or SP Crusaders - Am planing to join at least 1 christian society,CF well its more on fellowship and Crusaders is like more on evangalical..any opinions which i should join??? CF more the chill relax fellowship 1,hahahaha...

4) Ultimate Freesbie - Another game which i think will be a nice new experience..only palyed it once during EFCM camp,the LIFE well quite cool i guess and there is no trials out which is kinda every1 can enter...weeeeeee....well top 20 palyers will represent go can i be tat good???i hope so

well these are the four i sign up for....most probably only taking up 3...soo hopefully everything goes well =)

I managed to wash my cloths today..thank goodness the landlord allow us to seperate wash rather than be BUDGET and save on water n electric..TQ very much

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