Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alive and Kicking

Been afew days since i have been online..mostly have been busy moving in to my new place,spending some time with my parents as well as being sick ( swine flu aka H1N1 flu ) lol

Well more about my new place,currently i m sharing a room with a frend of mine,Gaj....wesley dude whom i was introduce by my MCKL frend Chang Hui...hahaha well everythings been good, landlord has been extremely kind as well, Thank God for tat...He not only followed us to buy a table,he helped fix my chair ( which i gave up trying ), drill in some holes for hangers, took out 1 big wooden cupboard which her wife refuse to do and help pull a line for our internet...soo many things...huhu Uncle Joe is the name =)

The room is getting better n better...wait till my table comes tmr and will be almost perfect =) juz left the washing of cloths...haihz,aint liking the idea of hanging my cloths 11 stories high...haha well SG culture to safe space =p cant do much and hope nothing go flying...

well thats mostly it...ciaoz =0

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