Monday, January 18, 2010


Today I ......................................................................

Went for an symphonic musical performance =) at Esplanade ( which is like a super cool hall ) With my classmates to support another 2 classmates who were performing ??? Have to give support right to friends =) Congrats btw to Li Yi & Ming Ren, hope u all din made any mistakes XP

Well, one of them played the saxophone and the other played the trombone i think....all of it look super shiny,macam gold sebenar under the spotlight ( surely polish like mad 1 )

Hehe,I dont really have a clue what songs or music they were playing nor do I really appreciate how the songs goes and all but the experience of watching a live performance seriously dam gila chun =) I only knew part of the last song which was like the theme song of STAR WARS trilogy or stg...

Haha oh well,I just wanna thank God that live in Singapore is getting better and better compared to the first few days back when I felt sort of like home sick =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life So Far

Its about time I blog again o.0

Well, its been a week and a half since I was in Singapore,restarting my last term for my 1st Year in Singapore Poly...Indeed leaving Malaysia this time around felt much worst since I had such a great holiday with my friends and family but life must go on =)

Haha so it started of with a horrible bus ride back to SG...the bus bocor air and the driver was on the fast lane the whole time even when raining like nobody business.

Then came classes the next day ( i know i go back like super last dy ) , i got back my test paper and I should just be grateful with my results =) can do better thou...

The first few days passed slowly but Friday finally came and I saw Malaysians again =) Mei Yee was so nice to go ajak everyone out, Simon,Jerusha,Joanna,Rohan along with Mei Yee korean friend...Went to CityHall and lepak....

Saturday came and I went Orchard with my classmates =) Managed sent my itouch for service too ( i just love the acsent of the workers in apple lah, so the professional )

Sunday came church and youth service...It nice finally meeting up with friends again...

Then came the 2nd week,MONDAY...A day to remember lah =)
1st my car project finally sort of work,duno how long have been debugging troubleshooting...finally somehow it worked...wooooooooooooooooootz
2nd Apple called me up and told me my ipod is ready to be collected...Even thou they replace me with a refurbished one,from what i know its nothing wrong i guess ,so yeah =)
3rd I managed to catch the SG Slingers against KL Dragons basketball game at the National Stadium. I won 2 free premium ticks ( center front seats ) but since my classmate all no interest in bball,i went alone =( well at least i managed to sell my other ticket and bought myself a jersey,hehehe....

What a nice feeling wei,indoor basketball stadium atmosphere...the sound of the ball bouncing on the nice i wish i could play in one of those court in a competitive game....haha well KL lost,and SG best player really single handedly dapao ( I was supporting KL btw )...this is my 2nd time watching basketball game live and how I enjoy it so much lah....

Hehe well thats my life back in SG so far... I had my campus crusader meeting this now as well =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

090909 ??? more like 1 week more XP

Im back in MALAYSIA....LOL I am feeling too bored till I decided to blog...

Well, I have sort of decided to try learning back guitar...I even went to buy guitar strings to fix my super duper old begineer guitar,but it seems the head thingy in which modern guitar can juz fix onto the bride or stg...mine cant,so I am like stuck =.=

On another note, its 1 more week to my bday...Wooooot =)
Finally Im turning 18 ... The things I can finally do with my age XP
well i should just be muka tebal and post my bday wishes...and really hope i get something?? lol...I dont really need anything actualy,its all just extra stuff...I am kinda contented with what i have now.. BUT

- a nice swatch kind of watch will definitely be something i would like
- a wallet ??? my 1 in the process of KO-ing
-a nice cross chain would also be nice
-a crumpler laptop/bagpack is something i dream of, but gila mahal =(

lol i seriously dont have anything in mind...I have everything I want and need XP

Lastly...any1 wanna go breakfast brunch lunch teabreak dinner supper or juz me !!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Make It or Break It

This is what I have been doing for the past few days besides " studying "

Hahaha i have been watching this tv show about gymnastic XP this group of ppl trying to make the olympic and stuff...hahaha the seasons kinda short and i finish the whole season 1 in 2 days + , only 10 episodes ler =)

well on a last note,dont u think the girl on the right, in pink purple looks like eva longoria ? o.0
Josie Loren =P

Lastly, Im coming back home tomorrow MALAYSIA!!! but b4 tat,i have to score my DE paper =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

1 for the Ages

Its been like since forever i last blogged but hey have been kinda busy...Actually I am still very busy,having exam this 2 weeks and just finished my Engineering Maths paper this afternoon,dam it suck =( well hopefully I can get a B if Im lucky...

Well, theres 2 papers on this thursday and the other 1 on the following thursday... Having such a "long study break" might seem to be a good thing but it actually sucks cause everyone just want to get it over and done with but I really wanna thank the Lord cause by having this 6 days of off days, I will be able to head back to KL and go for a 4 days 3 nights CG camp in Melaka and head back to SG to complete my last paper and then finally head back to KL again for my beloved Term Break =) Dam cool rite ;)

Hehe well since its been another 8 weeks in SG and i m heading back home soon, I can definitely say that its been a much greater time for me this time around.... I wanna Thank God for oepning the door and allowing me to get to know the people in Campus Crusader for Christ more which I have really blessed by as well as fitting in better with my youth group and getting to know them better... Its seriously aint easy finding ur place in a new church, step by step i guess =)

Theres also my classmates whom i spend almost half of my life with everyday in school.... Its been even more fun chilling and studying at the same time XP Been going to the gym as well with a few of my classmate, dam i really hope i see some results b4 i give up..LOL...

Hehe well Thank God for my stay here and He had indeed answered my prayers...

*time to study again,1 paper and here i come Malaysia,truly asia =.=

Friday, July 10, 2009

All But One

Everything this week seems to be going well for me...firstly i went to Sentosa island wit all whole bunch of youth ( Dunamies Rock ) from my Singapore Churchand and had a great was Clayton farewell and stuff...even thought i knew abt the whole event like only super last minute,but who cares =) played a different kind of captain ball too- Beach CB...huhu

Then it was back to school and have been getting bak my MST paper...the results so far are quite good,even managed to get 100% perfecto in one of the papers,its been like since primary school tat i ever got full marks for stg..hahahah...but shud not be too happy abt it,harder times are coming i think...

I also found out about the try out which is ongoing for my CCA-frisbee and sort of figured tat they will be like dropping those who din make the cut and so on..soo was abit tension and depress since i juz bought my boots and if i din made will be like wasting whole lots of money =( but Thank God i pass and managed to impress the seniors and so on cuz the chances for me was slim since i din go for their Training Camp during the holidays...

Well so far so good back in room mate suddenly went bak to KL for the weekend due to some emergency soo left me all alone =( hahaha going to sleep till i wake up?lol..

I recently got some china program from my classmate which allows me to stream/download movies like super duper fast...hahah gt it today and have oleady downloaded around till go blind 0.o

Well tats All But One last thing,i wont give up ^^

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Paper

Ahh today back to school and Mid Semester Test.... The test was not bad, might have mistake here and there but hopefully A is still in sight =) well i also had my first Eat Fresh breakfast meal again,lol dam its nice...hahaha

well besides that...todays internet is seriously frekaing awesome...i downloaded 1 whole movie in less than 2hrs..hahahaha wth wei...the fastest speed i saw was 400Kb per sec,and on the average at time really wth dy..hehehee