Friday, August 17, 2007

Count Down

It starts now...TODAY...the count down...

In a month time,it will be time...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Past 2 days...i had problem with friendster...i was not able to view my own profile,and my frend too cant view me juz goes to a blank page or something...i have refresh and re login duno how many times but still the same...

so then i decided to look at the help topics...there were normal FAQ and also a place to ask for help,where u can type out ur prbolem and ask them...surprisingly they replied my question in a day...and it help me fix my frendster problem as well...i din know tat all tis really works...hehe but cool,my frendster is bak to normal =)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Adding The Maths

Add maths....results for july test was kinda bad...but i havent fail it before ( feeling banga )...hehe anyway,today teacher gave us a folio/projek for add maths...tis kinda subjek also got folio 1 meh???like so cacat and all.

Anyway,for tis folio...i need to find the weight and height of 50 ppl ( supposedly form 4 & 5 ) but i dun really whoever read tis,pls juz leave a comment stating ur height and weight pls...u can be anonymous or watever,so pls help me out i can finally get an A for add maths??? =)
I seem so kesian..hehe

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The End IS Soon

1 more day of my july test left actualy 2,but est on friday does not count...cant wait for it to end,did kinda bad since i really could not concentrate and study,plus the test are dam hard...its like teacher have no guide line to follow and juz keluar watever they like...i bet some other teachers dun even know how do themself..

Oh well,2 maths topic left....Hope i can score well in my add maths,since past 2 test kinda nvr really did well in wish me luck...

Till friday...Bye