Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Make It or Break It

This is what I have been doing for the past few days besides " studying "

Hahaha i have been watching this tv show about gymnastic XP this group of ppl trying to make the olympic and stuff...hahaha the seasons kinda short and i finish the whole season 1 in 2 days + , only 10 episodes ler =)

well on a last note,dont u think the girl on the right, in pink purple looks like eva longoria ? o.0
Josie Loren =P

Lastly, Im coming back home tomorrow MALAYSIA!!! but b4 tat,i have to score my DE paper =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

1 for the Ages

Its been like since forever i last blogged but hey have been kinda busy...Actually I am still very busy,having exam this 2 weeks and just finished my Engineering Maths paper this afternoon,dam it suck =( well hopefully I can get a B if Im lucky...

Well, theres 2 papers on this thursday and the other 1 on the following thursday... Having such a "long study break" might seem to be a good thing but it actually sucks cause everyone just want to get it over and done with but I really wanna thank the Lord cause by having this 6 days of off days, I will be able to head back to KL and go for a 4 days 3 nights CG camp in Melaka and head back to SG to complete my last paper and then finally head back to KL again for my beloved Term Break =) Dam cool rite ;)

Hehe well since its been another 8 weeks in SG and i m heading back home soon, I can definitely say that its been a much greater time for me this time around.... I wanna Thank God for oepning the door and allowing me to get to know the people in Campus Crusader for Christ more which I have really blessed by as well as fitting in better with my youth group and getting to know them better... Its seriously aint easy finding ur place in a new church, step by step i guess =)

Theres also my classmates whom i spend almost half of my life with everyday in school.... Its been even more fun chilling and studying at the same time XP Been going to the gym as well with a few of my classmate, dam i really hope i see some results b4 i give up..LOL...

Hehe well Thank God for my stay here and He had indeed answered my prayers...

*time to study again,1 paper and here i come Malaysia,truly asia =.=