Friday, July 10, 2009

All But One

Everything this week seems to be going well for me...firstly i went to Sentosa island wit all whole bunch of youth ( Dunamies Rock ) from my Singapore Churchand and had a great was Clayton farewell and stuff...even thought i knew abt the whole event like only super last minute,but who cares =) played a different kind of captain ball too- Beach CB...huhu

Then it was back to school and have been getting bak my MST paper...the results so far are quite good,even managed to get 100% perfecto in one of the papers,its been like since primary school tat i ever got full marks for stg..hahahah...but shud not be too happy abt it,harder times are coming i think...

I also found out about the try out which is ongoing for my CCA-frisbee and sort of figured tat they will be like dropping those who din make the cut and so on..soo was abit tension and depress since i juz bought my boots and if i din made will be like wasting whole lots of money =( but Thank God i pass and managed to impress the seniors and so on cuz the chances for me was slim since i din go for their Training Camp during the holidays...

Well so far so good back in room mate suddenly went bak to KL for the weekend due to some emergency soo left me all alone =( hahaha going to sleep till i wake up?lol..

I recently got some china program from my classmate which allows me to stream/download movies like super duper fast...hahah gt it today and have oleady downloaded around till go blind 0.o

Well tats All But One last thing,i wont give up ^^