Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Paper

Ahh today back to school and Mid Semester Test.... The test was not bad, might have mistake here and there but hopefully A is still in sight =) well i also had my first Eat Fresh breakfast meal again,lol dam its nice...hahaha

well besides that...todays internet is seriously frekaing awesome...i downloaded 1 whole movie in less than 2hrs..hahahaha wth wei...the fastest speed i saw was 400Kb per sec,and on the average at time 300+...lol really wth dy..hehehee

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back To School

Im back in Singapore,like an hour ago.... Took a lift from my uncle and granduncle??? lol they are singaporeans.... sat some E-class benz all the way back ...hehehe beats taking a bus ride =P

Well everythings seems to be the way i left it to be, had to clean up some dust and unpack but now i m all ready to start studying for my test...its been bothering me the entire week since i havent really finish studying nor m i super confident about my knowledge n stuff..hahaha

well all the best those in malaysia and even more for those flying off or going somewhere a far.... Pray for me and keep in touch...ciaoz =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mid Term Break

I have been back in Malaysia for 2 weeks now and theres only 1 week left before i go back to Singapore ( ciaozing on sunday late morning/afternoon ), wonder if thats a good thing or a bad thing....

Anyways, because i have a mid semester test coming up the week right after my hols...i have to spend my last week studying...lol have to do well ler,Singaporeans are so dam bloody smart and hardworking....

well everyone seems to be leaving, going off some where or even finally starting the july intake course and stuff next week,some actualy left dy...soo i guess its kinda of a good timing to leave as well...haha guess i wont miss tat much of everything back in KL and the good part i will be back in 2 months time or so,the good life of a poly student...

well all the best for those who left or going to leave....see you during the xmas period ( takkan dun balik for xmas =P )

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Guess whose back

Im BACK IN MALAYSIA =) lol sudah 2 hari but i finally managed to get my router up and running properly... u know what was the solution,i just had to switch on my modem n router first b4 my cpu =.= how gay is tat...

well i came bak on friday, took a coach,grassland stg stg...haha some china company,played some chinese drama on the tv ....took around 5 1/2 hrs or so to reach imbi...came down and met my parents !!! =) weeeeeeeeeeee

went for college cg during the night and supper at Stevens Corner ( finally some nice food and cheap as well ) hahahaha satisfy my hunger...

Saturday turn out me hanging out with navin,alone..gay bastard...hahaha since philip afk and went for some malay wedding whom i doubt he even knows the bride =P then went for treasure hunt in YA....hahaha sadly din find no treasure...lol...night came,went eat my Dry Curry Pan Mee in desa,huhu how i miss you oh dear sweet pan mee..

today,went for church service...lol from the jumping and fast pace church i went to the slow sweet melody hyms...hahaha,went lunch then went futsall in air panas....nvr went there b4 actualy...hahaha and i seriously suck in futsall dy,damit i have to keep fit liao...

haha tats mostly it for the few days i have been back....will be here for my mid term break which is around 3 weeks....soo CALL ME out =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Momments Away

Mid term break is coming soon..just a few more days and it will be Malaysia Here I come...

Last week of poly is definitely relaxing,most of the subjects are more or less done teaching for the mid term exam..just tat i got some big huge project thingy,which i might not be able to be involve fully ( sry guys )... haha well whatever it is,home sweet home i long for you..

Kasturi is a good tuiton centre as well...Their timing for giving out SPM $$$$ is so perfect...hahahaha i get to collect my 120 they owe me...i m at 12A student u know,not 11A..lol they count the GCE english thingy,how fake is tat...

well from next week onwards,any 1 free??? wanna go out =) call me !!! hehehehe
I seriously just cant wait,so so so many things just await me...