Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Holiday is here...but it has not been going well so far because
-it rained on the day at that time captain ball was supposed to be played
-my useless driving school is planning to cheat me $$$$$
-my necklace/string/something i wear around my neck suddenly broke after 2 long years 0.o
-i cut my inner lips or maybe its an infection but it really is annoying
-most of the giordano around KL does not have my size for their plain T
-Babylon AD is a dont make sense movie with no hot actresses to make things worst
-I got tagged for no reason
-there aint any good bballers around in smktm ,since every1 sudah raya
-Garena is getting from bad to worst
-I cant find the mood to seat down and study hard

I am indeed complaining and whining non stop...OMG

Monday, September 22, 2008

I have You dont

Amos says he has Add Maths paper 1 for JPS spm trials...

I say i have the question for BM, BI, Sej, Bio, Chem,Phy, EST,Accounts...

And will get Maths with Add Maths =)

sms and internet does wonders!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

17 on 17

I just wanna say :

Thank You
Dank U (dutch)
Merci (french)
Danke (german)
σας ευχαριστούμε (greek)
grazie (italian)
obrigado (portugese) 
вы (russian)
gracias (spanish)

*thats all the yahoo bable fish can translate into

for the wishes via sms, phonecalls ( all the way from the USA o.0 ) , facebook wall to wall, friendster comments, MSN, blog posts, chatterbox comments, face2face...that should be it gua 

for the free lunch and presents and other stuff which i may left out ^^

and yea for hotlink as well...free calls are dam chun,call till no battery ...free call me bonus also to those..lol manage to talk to ppl at johor,my ex-colleage and a few others

thanks alot =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I got free calls to any maxis number for not only today but tomorrow as well...Weeee I m such a good hotlink customer =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Left Hand

Oh man..i think injured my left hand quite badly liao...it happened on friday,was playing around with the basketball with me  flipflops then i slip n fell...sort of landed on my left hand ( which like I broke twice b4 ) soo kinda weak i guess...

Din break or anything and the pain went off after a while,still manage to play for tat day actualy...but its been two days now, I can still feel the bone twitching or something everytime I turn me hand 360...shucks wei ,this aint good...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


wth wei...my ex-school mate/neighbour just got robbed tis now....useless ppl took some parang went "pao" from down right outside their house....dah lah ppl emo-ing liverpool won by 2 pure stupid goals,they went there with motor,took out a parang and robbed them... 3 handphone, 3 wallets, and the keys to their bike...wth wei..same race rob each other,dam stupid wei...

Since it is puasa month,malay family always gather and eat togehter...soo like 10-20 ppl came out from the house,4-5 cars started chasing them...lol semangat tekan engin minyak...mercedes benz enging sounds dam nice compare to a proton when pressing the oil at full speed...lol

well hope they catch those 2 useless ppl wei...then can whack the !@#*&^%(*^#$*7 out of them..teach them a bloody lesson...police also so stupid,half an hour liao still not even here (gila slow)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Too much

Why do people on motorbikes thing they are so great ? what in the world makes them better...I dont have anything against them riding a bike but why in the world must they open their mouth can insult others...

They drive by..they shout some racist comment then they ride off...usualy i just stare at them hoping that either they get bang or they stop and confront me face to face,since seem to already have some kind of prbolem with me..

instead they juz ride off...when i stare right into their eyes ( look into my eyes,ghost rider ) ,they will just shutup and ride away till they are far enough before they start opening their mouth shouting racist comments again =.= seriously no guts wei...

well on the better note..my birthday is life  6 days away...but i dont feel much of a birthday mood since trials is going on..and its hard..lol..
but for my birthday wish..i wish,i wish,i wish for  =P

Google chrome is so cool ^^  take that mozila firefox !!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Trials is starting tomorrow and I aint tat prepared...Sadly it will last like 3 weeks and my birthday is caught in between the exam period..how sad ( not as sad as my friend which is on the day spm starts ) but still bad enough...

well..guess i have to start studying liao 0.o its really starting to creep me out... made me play badly nia during captain ball today...

Tick Tock Tick Tock ^^

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sad Life

Guess wat am i doing now

1) I am eating pizza
2)Eating in front of the pc
3)Eating alone in am all to mine empty house
4)Watching gossip while eating
5)Checking msn but sees no1 online
6)Considering about going school tomorrow
7)Really feel like studying Sejarah
8)Scared of feeling guilty not studying tonight
9)Feeling darn bored stuck at home the whole day

^^ I M U ^^