Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of series

In singapore, I have been streaming non stop SUPERNATURAL season 4... I know i m kinda slow,but streaming is much faster than downloading...hahaha it ends up the whole season4 is like 1 brother being a devil and the other being an wat gayness, LUCIFER has risen o.0 ,apprantly he was an angel... wheres hades,god of the its juz a show,if its real hurry up and buy salt and make a circle around urself =P

Besides that, I was still soo dam free so i decided to finish up season 4 of Prison Break...and i have to salute Micheal Scofield... the dude single handed-ly out smart dapao breaking out of 2 prison,1 super duper high vault, break out his wife in the end and dieing in the process ( so touching =( ), and being on the run...hahaha terlalu gila smart liao...einstein also lose lor... Well thats the end of the whole series....but season 1 is and always will be the best,agree ?

Hahaha every seems to think studying in SG is like so hectic and so on..maybe so later on bt for now its like relax and online time every day..hahahaha, soo what series next??? Have to finish up One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl first....hehe

XOXO !!! lol

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