Thursday, September 10, 2009

090909 ??? more like 1 week more XP

Im back in MALAYSIA....LOL I am feeling too bored till I decided to blog...

Well, I have sort of decided to try learning back guitar...I even went to buy guitar strings to fix my super duper old begineer guitar,but it seems the head thingy in which modern guitar can juz fix onto the bride or stg...mine cant,so I am like stuck =.=

On another note, its 1 more week to my bday...Wooooot =)
Finally Im turning 18 ... The things I can finally do with my age XP
well i should just be muka tebal and post my bday wishes...and really hope i get something?? lol...I dont really need anything actualy,its all just extra stuff...I am kinda contented with what i have now.. BUT

- a nice swatch kind of watch will definitely be something i would like
- a wallet ??? my 1 in the process of KO-ing
-a nice cross chain would also be nice
-a crumpler laptop/bagpack is something i dream of, but gila mahal =(

lol i seriously dont have anything in mind...I have everything I want and need XP

Lastly...any1 wanna go breakfast brunch lunch teabreak dinner supper or juz me !!!