Sunday, August 31, 2008

All alone at home
Spending my merdeka celebration alone
Feeling bored
Dont feel like sleeping
Feeling lonely
Becoming a loner

Emo gila !!!

^^ I M U ^^

Friday, August 29, 2008


Who wanna go play badminton tis long weekend ??? I got new badminton racket , its not considered as brand new but its just new lah ... make sense ??? its been ages since i last played but who wanna play??call me!!!

I will be spending my merdeka weeekend home alone with my brother...brotherly bonding ??? lol... wat a loner I m ( guess the person who called me tat is right,lol i got "ditch" by me parents ) hahahaha.....well who wanna go eat breakfast/brunch/lunch/tea/dinner/supper or juz wanna go me!!! pretty please =) my number is 012 _______ =P

I should be studying,trials is just one week away....hopefully i can finish wat i planned to study for the weekend...

And let us all wish for good sunny weather in the evening and nice cold rain during the morning/night so tat i dont have to do gardening for my mum...saya anak yang baik ^^

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cursed again

It has been raining for like 5 evenings liao...I cant even play any sort of outdoor sports, i tried my luck my going in the morning one day but it rained as well !!!
Why lah why ??? Cant u rain like at night or something,make every1 sleep peacefully =)

Since today rained..i wish tomorrow will be bright and sunny day for its a new week new beginning new chapter blablabla ....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cursed ???

Melawati is cursed...Cursed by the clouds,rain,mountain!!! Its like it only rains in Melawati and no where else...Not in Ampang, Wangsa Maju, Wangsa Melawati....but only TAMAN MELAWATI!!! Boooooooooo

*well i hope tomolow does not rain =) please o please

Friday, August 22, 2008

The End ?

Holidays are ending in like a couple of days..which means back to school....well i cant really say i studied real hard even thought i went school for like 3 days in a row in the early morning for extra class =)

well have also been watching some :
-waste of time
kind of movies...

1st was The Love Guru at the always open Yoon residents...The dvd was original..i repeat original,in thailand only =P rm5 ,guarantee clear...not bad deal ritee,seller is from 5kreatif..memang kreatif lah...

Pound it, Lock it, Break the Pickle, Tickle Tickle!!

2nd was Dont Mess with Zohan? it was either that or Meet Dave, 2 sad choices of movie...haha well zohan was let juz say a very "sick" show ....For gurls should be worst unless you are a ________ well at least i got student work even during the hols 0.o

have been also watching season 1 of Gossip cant help myself too bored liao..had the series on my pc...oh well till later , xoxo =.="

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Luck

Any1 read the metro newspaper today ??? 19/8/2009 ?

They wrote an article about the AND1 thingy..and guess wat the team I faced in the 1st round end up being the runners up of the whole U18 category... wat bad luck wei,play against the 2nd best team ( Fantasy Remix ) wonder lose lah,cheh...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Holidays are here ( aku sudah slow ) ...Yipeeee I still have to go to school for extra class from monday till wednesday...wat a nice holiday =)

oh well..back to today...It was quite an interesting day, I received a call from my school friend at an unpleasant time of 8.30 to help him in his AND1 3on3 competition..since he was short of 1 player,since I never try entering the competition b4 i thought it will be quite a nice experience and I did not have to pay any $$$ i decided to skip church and rush myself to times square ( sorry lah once in a while )

From the time i receive the call till i reach time square,it took me like around rite =P hahaha...time square was pack with lala beng chinese all ready to play bball...i got my jersey from my frend ( did not manage to keep it since the 1 tat payed wanted the jersey ) but it was as usual too big,so not a big deal...i know all the excuses to make me happy..

well had to wait like 1 hour to play..since there was like so so many teams...while waiting,there was like a few pro AND1 ppl showing of their dribbling skills...skill after skill they bully some noob chinese boy ( disgrace nia =.=" ) the nigga was like dam bloody geng till he could dunk ( first time see-ing a real dunk 0.O)

well after tat...our 1st game team was Keith ( a mix portugist,indian,chinese and many more guy ) , Kong ( the little 1 ) and ME ( no 14 )... well we played against some chinese dudes who were older,more experience and bigger in luck lah play against them...haha well the game started...and it was very odddd game since the court was like super small ( budget place ) then also cause the 1st time i touch the ball,i took a shot and guess wat happen next ???
Nothing was juz pure silence...hahaha not air ball lah ,i aint noob doh... I chop ball,no rim no nothing..hahahahaha take tat %*&#$^&@^(* the crowd watching also cheer doh and applauded me *bangga* haha well after tat it was a down fall lah...they started playing more rough and started marking me man i tell u..cant score against me,go use big man shake his ass and bang inside to skate lah !!! when i started marking him,he could not even get the ball,damit take tat lah...3 of me sure win liao ( like i m superman nia =P )
well we lost 8-5,sadly...but its ok its alright since i nvr did expect to win when i first saw them also...haha oh well for the experience it was nice ^^

Saw Ahmed also ( let me cerita for u lah navin ) useless fat guy also enter doh..with high ambition...but so lucky they play against some ah beng team who cant even play..tat also they win by 1 point nia..nooob...after tat i duno wat happen to him..doubt he would win the 2nd game..hahaha he cant even beat the macha 1on1,how can he expect to win anything...
Navin dapao him, 11-7 ( something like tat ) on friday...oooo

Lose liao so balik rumah lor...but then upon my arrival at desa, i was asked to go V2 ( cybercafe ),since nvr go b4 shud try it out..haha dam chun place wei, razor mouse doh if i m not mistaken 0.O later tat afternoon went captain rained but so nice nobody chicken out and went home =) thanks to all for that...hahahahaha and it din even rain also went some1 predicted it was going to rain heavily soon...lousy prediction!!! Plus it din even rain near the school area...tis is wat happen when u stay near the moutains...

Anyway Chong Wei is going to play soon...Add Oil!!! hahaha..u see Malaysia need a chinese to win a medal for them,lol...wat happen to the rest ???
Plus, Man Utd the champions in England and Europe is gonna kick start their season liao...Who wanna bet Man utd is gonna win the EPL tis year and do the hatrick of EPL tittles ??? ( tis explains why i wear man utd jersey to play ball today )

Lastly,i juz realise today is 17th August which means 1 more month till my birthday !!! hahaha still so long way to go but too bad =P

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Did I or Did I Not ???

I did not kena NS !!!!!

Or did I ??? lol

*shock sendiri

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Thing

Oh ya..i left out 1 thing u gotta to do when u go to NS...

U have to go BOTAK !!! hahahahaha

Yip Kuok Jin (EFCM Life game 06)

Me and Felicia ( i think tats her name gua )

Me and Jeremy o.O

Shave it all off and say cheese XP

Plus theres only like 90 more days till SPM..So I will end tis with a nice photo of SMKTM year 2008 ^^

Can u spot urself ???

*click on it to enlarge ( courtesy of nicole )

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Khidmat Negara 2

Khidmat Negara

This is where u gonna stay

This is wat u gonna do

This is where u gonna bomb

Tis is where u gonna take a shower ??? ( can last 3 months with out taking 1 ?)

Tis is wat u gonna eat ( no pork!!! )
Well at least u get to do tis

But b4 u do tat ,u must do tis

and this
and this

hahaha...tahniah and terpiliph untuk menyertai Program Latihan Khidmat Negara siri 6/2009 !!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Khidmat Negara

Cinta Akan Negara
Taat Setia Kepada Raja dan Negara
Sanggup Berkorban Untuk Negara

National service results are out !!!! ( i think ) I dont even know if the website is true anot... any1 sure the results mention in the website is true??? all those year 1991 ppl... kena ar???

Friday, August 8, 2008


Its was suppose to be a super lucky day for the Chinese because its

guess how many zero and eight are there =P

anyway,it was suppose to be a lucky day but sadly I got cheated by a useless pipe smoking fat old taxi driver...Usually it cost around rm4 to take a taxi from my house to school,but today after i sat into the taxi driver,he press the meter then he started combing his hair ( fine lah few seconds no harm ) after tat he started driving and talking to me..he seem to be a good old retired man earning a living,he keep opening his mouth and talking even with the pipe stuck into his mouth...however before reaching school,when i was to take out my $$$ to pay...i checked the meter and was bloody shock to see the meter reaching the rm5 mark 0.o never have i reach the rm5 mark,on top of tat I have even reach school yet!!! damit, then only i realize he was distracting me with all his talking and clicking a stupid button which increases the fair...haihz,he can say some more rm5 cukup lah tak payah 20sen itu...dah lah cheated me seringgit... Dont ever let me seat into ur taxi again...u will get busted for sure

*I dont care if you think i budget even thought rm1 only, I dont like getting cheated *

Olympic is here...China Boleh!!! Add Oil ( translate it into chinese ) !!! hahaha...
To all my racists friends out there,who do u think will win more golds ??? china ? india ? malaysia ( i only support malaysia in badminton lah ,the only chance for them to win anything ^^) ?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Y did the chicken cross the road ???

It been a long time since i last blog..haha i think its most probably due to the reason i have been busy "studying" or there ain't anything interesting for me to blog about...

well since i was ask by some1 why i stop blogging..i decided to blog about the most interesting event tat happen recently which is = Carnival Day !!! since there are still ppl checking my blog ( i myself thought nobody will view me blog no more )

Well..Carnival Day/Canteen Day which ever it is was on in my school yesterday...since I decided to participate in the basketball competition,i had to be in school by 7.45am...which is super early for me,especially on a saturday.. Anyway,i reached school at 7.45am and had to wait for my friends/team members ( who are nvr on time )

well,around 8am,my whole team finally team consist of :
-2 chinese, Yung Shen ( no9 ) & Philip (no number ) who are just 2 ah pek running around the court =P
- 2 indians, Vikram ( no5 ) & Navin( no11 ) who label themself as the indian twin towers
- the malay, Azzrai ( no8 ) who is like dam gay when comes to playing bball in smktm
and lastly me, VJin ( no14 )

seee the order..3 chinese 2 indian 1 malay ( i aint racist ooo )
haha actually each team can sign up 7 players,but we decided we were too good and an extra player will be just a waste of time..soo there we go,6 players... every team needs a team name and our team name was : Y did the chicken cross the road ? ( courtesy of Justin )

Em I duno wats the answer btw,if there is an answer...well since Philip ( no number ) is not in the basketball school team,we could not wear our jersey as our uniform...Philip,boooo U ... we decided to actually wear black,but since we had indians on our team,there was a possibility teacher might scold cause they aint wearing anything... therefore we chose to wear red, red brings luck since there was more Chinese on the team..haha
Let me repeat,I aint racist...

well anyway back to the competition, our 1st game was the 2nd game of the day.It was against the so called 2nd seeded team ( since we were 1st,i think ) , its better to dapao the competitor earlier on rather than wait till the the match started like around 8.30, the game was splited into 2 half ( 10mins each ), and the referee for the match was some small girl and felix ( pity u )

Well the game was a very competitive game since whoever won that game can actually be considered the winner of the whole tournament liao actualy...there was actually problems wit the referee-ing,fouls that werent call and so on...the referee felix got dam tension till he took of his shirt o.O i have no idea why he did that actualy...
anyway at the end of the 1st half,we were leading by 7 or so, during the 2nd half,they came back and cut the lead to 1 but at the last few minutes,we blew them away and won the game..hahahaha better off next time ,losers!!!! just was a really nice game,and the better team prevail at the end =)

well after the game,vikram philip and i decided to go check out the stores set up...since we had time to burn while waiting for our 2nd game against Gary's team...I must agree wit jen li,the atmosphere of the carnival day was not as good like last was not tat wild and fun like the previous 1... but I din really got the chance to try out anything...from the time i was at the carnival 7.45 till the time i left 1pm..i only bought a piece of bbq chicken ( which taste like crap ) and a whole lot of drinks...

For the 2nd game against Gary's team ( who can be considered lucky to be able to go straight into the semi's since there was only 7 team ),it was more like a laughing game...for the jump ball till the end i dont think so we even really played properly at all...the score gap was not tat big cause of the stupidity of our team =P but there was still highlights like azzrai making a 360 spin b4 scoring , 2 misses by navin under rim against some1 shorter than him ,Leon ( who is bloody big in size ) blocking yung shen pass wit 1 swing of his super duper big hand and so on...we tried doing a full court press at first,but became too tired after the 2nd or 3rd try...haha anyway we won and entered the final...better off next time losers!!!

The final was against the form3 malay boys,it was more like against the U15 bball team since all their players are in the school team..but how can the U15 team beat the U18 team,haha but on the court it was actualy a different story...with the hot 11am hot sun shining we started the game...even b4 the start of the game, a few of our players in our team was already feeling injured..haha my left stomach muscle got cramp,yung shen right stomach got cramp as well just b4 the game started..azzrai right ankle also got injured ... i think the cramps and injury was due to the schedule of the games we played,we play 1 game then we rest and continue with another game short after,the resting and stopping was indeed bad for the muscle... well we actually thought it was going to be a easy game,but they played well..shooting and entering shot after shot..the reason why they were shooting so accurate cause all of us were tired of defending XP it was a tie when we reach the end of the 1st half...

Mid way through the 2nd half, they manage to get the lead,a 2 point lead...It was only at tat moment losing cross my mind... But no worries, we came back..Navin got his block shot,i was fast breaking like nobody ( 2 or 3 foul in shots *bangga*) and we took the lead back of course..I even out run 1 of their players who was in front of me quite a few steps while chasing a free ball,but sadly i lost it due to the reason i was foul and the referee was unable to see it since he was behind me ( slow gila ) anyway into the final minute of the game,while i fast break again ( its my blog,obviously i must make myself look good rite ) and was about to lay up,in mid air tiba-tiba my left calf muscle cramp like crazy ( felt like my muscle twisted) i went to the floor screaming in pain ( abit lah i think ), my calf muscle contracted like nuts, and like juz freeze up..could see the whole shape of the calf muscle...every1 came surronding me at first,nobody knew wat to do,and they juz started helping me helped i think,and after a while,i could manage to walk,thankfully... even wit the cramp,i still manage to score tat basket u know =P hehehe...since i was injured i was force to sub with yung shen who was already pancet on the bench...on the next basket,when he was fast breaking...he too kena cramp...same incident juz like dam dumb...hahhahahah..every1 started laughing,but since there was only 20seconds left and we were winning...we din bother to sub watsoever and juz let time pass...

So in the end....WE WON!!!! CHAMPIONS!!! better off next time losers!!!!

So for the question...Y did the chicken cross the road ??? It was too win the bball tournament!!!

haha so that was mostly it for the carnival day...went around the school again after the game,but still could not find something tat was really nice to buy and eat...saw the badminton tournament on,was quite boring since the good ones werent playing ( school team aint allowed to play ) haha saw the umpire also who prefered to umpire a boring badminton match then to watch the finals of the bball =P booooo U....hehe jkjk

Went tiam fatt to eat after tat,was dam hungry since nvr eat anything since monring,the chicken din count since it tasted like crap...after tat,took a cab and went home...while waving for a cab at the taxi stand,something stupid happen..this form3 chinese dude who i juz happen to recognize went in front of me and starting waving for cab when i have been waving for the past 5 min..he acted like he din see me,like i was a ghost...too much wei !!! luckily he decided to go to the other side of the road to get a cab or I duno wat i will do to him...

I juz realize wat a long, guess i was really feeling bored..since all went watch movie and left me behind..lagi lagi could not go play ball since me left leg still abit stiff...oh well back to studying and exams...

Gabriel ^^