Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Watch this o.0

Night Stroll

Today or i shud say an hour ago... on my way to the " coffee shop" nearby to eat my dinner,i was walking by this big dumster or stg,u know those building where every1 dumps their rubbish or stg ( SG punya quite clean 1,lol no smell nothing) 

anyways, today was different cuz whole bunch of indian or foreign ppl were they screaming and shouting...even those aunty aunty who usually just seat around the area whole day gossiping were standing up and walking over.... being in SG,must become abit kiasu also rite,soo i also went and take a look... It ends up,they were catching some huge snake...Really dam big u know,sadly i din had my phone wit me....Its like those python stuff or stg,not those small poison 1.. dam creepy wei..imagine u go n throw away ur garbish then it juz pops out at u,confirm faint b4 can run also...wahahahaha

well no clue wat happen after they caught it...i continue my journey in search for my dinner...heared they were going to call pest control or stg,it seems the snake was in there for like 4months,but nobody bother to do anything until it finally decided to come out... ANG MO KIO SNAKE 0.o google tmr,mayb make news..lol

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday. my poly International Student Freshmen Orientation ( ISFO ) had an outing for the international new comers to go to Sentosa Island,one of the attraction sites in Singapore..

I was grouped into the purple team... Barnie Motel ( dont ask me why izit call like tat ) 

More or less..my group.... dam alot of myammar ppl sadly to say cuz i have no clue wth they talking abt...at least wo se zhong guo ren ppl i can understand mandarin...oh well...

We gather at the mrt then headed to sentosa by train...how cool is taking a train to an island... half of the day programs were basically sight see-ing... literally walk around the whole island under some super hot condition to look at the hot spots in sentosa ( din manage enter cause everything needs entrances fee ),lol... i manage to EAT FRESH in one of the breaks,thank goodness for SUBWAY... 

2nd part of the programs was group games n activity...the games were all well planned and stuff but i think they din plan the sun to be so freaking hot till juz by standing on the sand makes ur whole leg feel like its burning...hahaha well played some fun games but nvr enter the water,scared drown gua...

The other half of the purple team got 3rd prize but the prize was shared out ( how lucky) after tat headed back home...tiring as it is,theres church service the next day.

BTW,i found out i got accepted to do MATRIKULASI bak in Malaysia ( Negeri Sembilan to be exact ), to do accountancy... kinda feel guilty cause every1 had to pay like rm5 to get their code,but i sort of skipped tat step of the process...hahaha well guess i aint going bak to do my matriculasion...it will be like a little fish in a big ocean ( if u get wat i mean ) JPA results are comign out soon,france results is out n stuff..lol how cool if i get tat...hahahah

I also managed to find a place..walking distance to my poly...thank God for that...will be moving in this weekend,the start of May..hopefully the landlord are good ppl, there is always a first for everything...

well to all my friends and family bak in Malaysia... I MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!  *lala peace pose =P* haha see u all soon ...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At Poly

Today was a nice day at poly... went for a 2hours class but only spend around 45min in it ( this is including 5-10min late for ppl like me ) then we were given off by our lecturer.. soo since there was like around an hour to spare,our class decided to go play some street ball ( 4walls punya ) ,haha it was quite fun but sadly i came on the wrong end of it and got myself a few blister and scrap of some skin...

there was only 2 lessons for us..and i went for the next class soak in sweat ( i know dam horrible =( ) but thank goodness the room was blasting with some cool aircone air... could not really concentrate in class...and i realise after today,my maths is seriosuly rusty like crap..simple stuff took me ages to figure out...

Went eat subway after tat for lunch...aint tat cheap even it is in campus and student price...well subwway will always be fresh i guess... later on headed to the bball court,finally some bball in poly...but since i was wearing my nice shoes,could not really play properly,tis was to prevent from damaging my shoes =p hahaha

 while playing,there was tis guy---who goes by the name of BOSS =.= and so happens he is our class rep,but thinking he is great and all...he walks over to the court,with his hands swinging back and forth to challenge 1 of my frends in a 1on1 match ,super duper out of the blue...lol,i said why not play me but my question goes unheared... since there was quite a number of ppl,we had to play a 4v4 half court match..its seems over here,their warm up balls are seriously quite alot ( can take up to 15mins or so ) lol,during this time BOSS team was scoring like nobody business,even he was on fire...foul in numerous times,lol adding to the ego..he din bother calling foul ( ur choice dumb dumb)...since my team mate fouls werent stopping him from scoring,a little advise and the next thing u know it,he goes to shove him in the air to the outside line..lol good foul i must say =) 
hahaha the sun gazing in the sky,it was time to wrap things up wit a final 7ball game,and tat is when winners are born...there can only be 1 winner and whole lot of LOSERS...1-0 BOSS,and u r losing...

Had a meeting after tat concerning my tuiton grant in the auditorium after that...quite a fast 1 and later i headed home to have some nice beauty sleep... =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 Days

Its been 10 days now...and i have been feeling abit lazy to blog...

Well recently during the weekends,i finally managed to get my international student pass,which then will allow me to easily go in and out of SG customs n so on... Also managed to open my bank accounts as well as to go a little shopping trip down at Bugis Street ( something like petaling street,but cleaner =P )  

Went to church on Sunday,still following my cousin and her family... Kinda too semangat for me,even the pastor is jumping up n down...lol sry lah,early in the morning macam ini sudah...  after tat ntg much happen on sunday,was basically resting and getting myself ready for poly the following day

Monday was the first day of studying in poly...basically each lecturer gave a brief introduction about the whole course and modules and so on...soo the studying part have no arrive yet but i predict lotsa of work to come in the near future...tuesday is more or less the same as well,more briefing and so on...well i have been dota-ing recently tis past few nights therefore kinda busy and not msn-ing tat often..sorry =p

well tats it for now...got half a day class tmr =)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 6 : IFSO

17/4 was my International Freshmen Student Orientation Program...

As usual took a train there n so on,and all the international students gathered at the auditorium and were divided into different groups... I was in a group called REFRESHING TURQOISE ,its same light blue colour or stg..

My group consist of 3 malaysians ( 1 same course as me ) and the others were from CHina...my group leader is also from china and his assistant is from Myammar...soo quite cool getting to know them even thou its hard speaking mandarin all the time... Wo se jong guo ren =)

hehe well had some speech,games,cheer,treasur hunt which allowed every1 to know each group mates better which is much better since the organisers provided the opportunity to mix around n stuff...and amazingly REFRESHING TURQOISE got 3rd prize in the treasur hunt,but some1 stole half of the prize...lol

well after tat was a Night tour around SG,basicaly we seat in a bus and the bus drops u off in CHINA TOWN and u have to find ur own way back home..lol...walk N.S.E.W looking at Singapore hot spots such as china town night market or stg, singapore river,Clark Quay, bunjee jam thingy,the place where the founder of SG landed and so on lah...

i was also introduced to a Champagne  buffet in some classy hotel which previously was a post office and main fort, imagine unlimited flow of champagne and every dish served has alcohol in it...nice place to get drunk? =0 hehe

well that was mostly it for the day....We are a one big family and u will never be alone ( hopefuly i got it right =P ) - the moto for the international student club, huhu thanks guys for the orientation,SENTOSA ISLAND next  =p

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 5 = President Challenge

My fifth day here begin with an early wake up call to go to Chinatown,the reason to sell stickers to raise funds for this charity event called President Challenge.

My classmate and I were assign to some crappy run down location in chinatown and each were given a metal tin. The use of metal tin = beg for donation...lol,the good part about donating u get a nice wonderful circle sticker =) weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Soo the main reason for us to reach at the meet point was to catch the workign crowd...but it seems 7am and every1 is still fast asleep...later on at abt 8am tats when it started getting busy ( every1 has departed from chinatown and headed else where ), I too started by begging session,after a while when i have lost all my dignity, i started to get on a role,walker by were giving my coins and dollar notes... but the streak came to a sudden end when i realise there were 2 ppl collecting juz 50 steps away from me,nearer to the mrt...this demoralize me and i decided to change place and in search for a new hot spot...

Walking around looking for crowd of ppl came to nothing much but a few ppl passing by and donating...at abt 9.30-10,i gave up all hope since every corner i go to,there would be at least 1-2 ppl standing with their tins begging for donations as well... LOL,so i decided to meet up and have a SUBWAY breakfast,hoping to feel rejuvenated for the lunch hour crowd later on... but it turns out,after subway break for 2hours,i felt even lazier and convince my frends to give up with me and head back home to poly ( sry abt tat =P my incluence is too strong )

in the end,i was 2nd from bottom ( still not bottom ok!!i beat javier by 75sens =P ) my total collection was a whooooping $13.75 !!! a hard day worth of begging,imagine a beggar begs everyday and gets $13,enough to cover both his meals way..2 subway sandwich also can..lol

Then in the evening it was suppose to be some orientation party,with dj and musics n stuff...but it was meant for all the fresh students and the hall was no way near big enough...therefore,my class decided to skip and headed our separate ways...hahaha tats all for today,i have to get a nice hp b4 i post some pics...

tmr is international student orientation..finally get to meet up with some ppl facing the same trouble or even worst than i am =) as well as search for some good candidates to be my room mates,hehehe...till tmr ^^

Day 4

A off day from poly for me but was still busy with lots of things to do...

Firstly,it rain today...huhu first time experience rain in singapore?lol... well met up wit Gaj (wms guy ) who is studying megathronics or stg like tat... and we went hunting for hostel..manage to check out 3 and only found 1 tat is not so bad...but the pricing is kinda expensive,sadly to say...

At night however,finally get to play some nice bball game with a mixture of chinese n malay dudes... and again,i win =),so far so good in SG interms of bball juz tat the bad part is,everytime i paly i have to wash my cloths..lol... a reason to cut down on my bball

well tomolow will be my flag day thingy..have to go sell some stickers to raise fund for charity n so on..hopefully it would be fun..

tats all,have to wake up early tmr..haihz... Byebye till tmr =P

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 3 --- Continue

Today,i finally get to play some bball...since i skipped some night orientation thingy,part of it...the eating part was over so y bother staying... lol,well it was abit dull in the bball court...ever u played 7 points game,where 1 basket equals 2-3 points..so u juz have to score 3 times n u win...wat lame shyt is tat..lol

besides tat,i also juz found out my cousin who is in sec 1 ---13 years old equilavent to malaysia form 1 is actualy learning our so called add maths...lol u know the x + y = 100 then u make it to x= 100-y and u sub it into another equation... Imagine that, a form 1 doing add maths..lol,shame on urself those who fail add maths...even a 13year old can do it..lol

coca cola zero is so cool in SG,supposedly it does not contain any sugar plus somehow SG wanna promote no sugar in our diet by giving us offer on Coca Cola zero..lol,soo kind...hehe

well tmr will be my off day,no orientation in poly... will just be meeting up wit a malaysian frend and check out some hostel..hopefully can find 1 suitable 1 =)

Day 3

Its my day 3 here at singapore..and currently in some computer lab learning how to use the online features...huhuhu, can blog at the same time as well

Just updating :p

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2 : Back To School

Its my second day in Singapore and was my first in Singapore Poly as a student.

Orientation was ok,get to know my classmate - DASE 1B 23 =) hehehe then i was brief about some Flag Day thingy which seems to be a huge event for singaporeans..going around selling stickers to raise fund for the needy.... doing charity work dy on my first week here

The good thing about today was I finally met my actual class mate and they seem kinda friendly and good,which is a good thing and the best part was i saw the indoor bball court =) weeeeeeee,the floors are padded with some rub thingy...feels so nice...lol cant wait to play....

well still have orientation on for the upcoming days...wish me luck =) 

*pray tat i find a hostel and some nice ppl to stay wit me

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 1

It curently 10.10pm as i start to write this post on my new lappy.

Day 1 of my new chapter, it started of with an Aeroline coach ride down to Singapore in the early hours of the morning. This then is followed by the immigration process in SG in which some strict lady officer demanded me to open my beg which i have already been facing problem just pushing it. Well since i dont recall smuggling any drags wat so ever,i was not tat worried but was just abit tension about the fact that there are some illegal games dvd in my begpack... Well as dumb as she were,she din realise no shyt instead ask me to run along since the que was getting longer... SERVE U RITE !!!

Then it was my trip down to Harbour Front to meet my Uncle n his family since their church servis was held there in a cinema hall there as well 0.o But sadly i miss the Easter servis and end up with their youth servis later on in the day.

well,i follwed my 2 cousin back to their church ( Moriah Assembly ) in some cartered bus and the church is indeed quite cool with fusball table, a room juz to lepak n so on...lol well nothing beats EEFC still =p haha, well it was quite interesting meeting my cousins frends even thought i had some trouble remembering all their names ...

Took a mrt back to my uncle place and there i found it lying there waiting for me...My new beloved laptop...

Ahh well thats mostly it for my of arrival here...Have my orientation tomorrow...So see you guys online MSN yea malaysians and dont forget about me =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Soon To Be GONE

   I am going to try my very best to revive my blog and hopefully keep it alive when I restart my studying life ( updating everyweek or stg ? )   my comeback is coming!!!

  Anyway, for those who still dont know...last week or so i decided to take up the offer to study in Singapore Polytechnic ( SP ) , kinda last minute thing since i had to stop my AUSMAT in MCKL and register in Singapore and so on...leaving me with 1 week to say my goodbyes and pack ( which i left 1 more day to do )  

I will be doing a diploma in Aerospace Electronic and will be going to the moon some day =.=" lame shyt..well its a 3 years thingy and I will be bonded to Singapore for another 3 years..soo totalling up to about 6 years in Singapore at least ( wont be see-ing every1 for 6 years  o.0 ) 

Anyway, thats mostly it gua...will be taking some nice coach down to singapore in the early hours of Sunday ( 6am = dam bloody early ) this is due to the fact it is a long weekend in SG with good friday being a public holiday... 

Hopefully i am able to find a hostel or a room or an apartment with other ppl fast since the poly hostel is kinda limited and so on... SO yeah, THATS IT and I am gonna still be online  - MSN 4 LIFE plus its just singapore only [not tat far ler] soo aint tat much of a big deal....

But still gonna miss every1 back in Malaysia once i m there =( 
So wish ME luck and keep in touch =P