Wednesday, September 12, 2007

High 5

Today is such a sad day...went school feeling sick,din realise i was tat mid way,during rehat...decided to go home...when i reach home,at my brunch/lunch then went to sleep,tat was around 11am like tat...slept till 4pm,i must be really sick...when i woke up,i went online for a while but still felt abit sick,so went sleep again around 4.30....woke up up at 7.30,tat is bcuz need eat dinner...gayness,my "afternoon nap " is even longer than my nite sleep...

well finish eating my dinner...duno wat do now???sleep again??? doubt i would wan go skool tomolow liao...

anyway 5 more days to go my 5th wish will be :

green lava lamp...actualy any colour will do..which ever look nice guess...always wanted 1,but seldom see it on sale...hehe so tis is me 5th wish =)

*actualy i wont mind anything in particular,dun need also can 1,a wish will do juz fine...juz doing my wish list for fun nia =)
syok sendiri,hehe


Mirna said...

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L B said...

Heh, nice lamp, right? :-)